C-Brace Electronic Leg Brace

What is C-Brace?

The C-Brace is a computer controlled knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) that provides an entirely new approach to walking when back injuries or leg muscle weakness limit you. Instead of a locked knee brace or a wheelchair, imagine wearing a system that gives you the freedom to participate in many daily activities. Walk all day, walk smoother, walk with greater safety and without having to constantly look down!

C-Brace was designed to help compensate for lower-limb mobility issues due to partial paralysis, incomplete spinal cord injury, post-polio syndrome, quadriceps weakness, and post-stroke. If your leg brace doesn’t let you change speeds while walking or allow you to put weight on your flexed knee when you sit down or walk down stairs, the C-Brace may help expand your activities.

Amazing Success Stories – Watch These Videos

No More Canes

The effects of a spinal stroke and compression of the L1 through L5 vetebrae left Del with very little lower-limb mobility. With the C-Brace, he walks more normally, relying on it to keep his knees solid and to use his lower body to power his motion. Now he can handle an all-day school field trip or navigate a classic-car show outdoors. Watch Del’s C-Brace story to see how the leg braces helped increase his stamina and stability.

Out of Her Wheelchair

Christin, who has incomplete paraplegia of the right leg, depends on her C-Brace to measure and respond to her movements. On rough terrain, Christin can depend on the C-Brace to help keep stumbles from turning into falls. Watch Christin’s story to see how the C-Brace has increased her mobility and quality of life.

Juan: Post Polio Syndrome
Before and After C-Brace

Kenneth: Spinal Injury
C-Brace Gets Him Back on His Feet

Are You a Candidate for C-Brace?

The C-Brace is custom made for each unique wearer, and can even be made to accommodate heavy duty users like Del. Our C-Brace Certified Orthotist can evaluate you and determine if the C-Brace is right for you.

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