At Brevard Prosthetics & Orthotics Inc., our state licensed and certified prosthetists utilize the most advanced technology available when helping our patients. Our prosthetic devices are custom fabricated for each individual patient, ensuring a proper fit. Whether you need an everyday prosthesis to help you get back to work, or a high-performance product for sports use, our experts can help!

Genium Above Knee Bionic Prosthetics

  • Hip disarticulation (through the hip joint)
  • Above-knee
  • Below-knee
  • Feet and ankle
  • Partial foot

OttoBock Dynamic Arm Upper Extremity Prosthetics

  • Fingers or partial hand
  • Wrist disarticulation (through the wrist joint)
  • Below-elbow (transradial)
  • Above-elbow (transhumeral)
  • Elbow disarticulation (through the elbow joint)
  • Shoulder disarticulation (through the shoulder joint)
  • Interscapular Thoracic (removal of entire shoulder girdle)

Ossur Cheetah Pediatric Prosthetics

  • Upper and lower limb/extremity prosthetics
  • Specialized prosthetic adaptive or activity-specific prosthetic devices, such as a swimming or running foot.

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